“Let’s go to Bethlehem and see what happened and what the Lord told us”
(Lk 2, 15)

Dear friends, as every year to say “Merry Christmas” is the same Baby Jesus who wants to enter our homes and bring them some peace.
That peace that the whole earth awaits. Expected peace especially in the Holy Land that lives in a terrible grip from a war arc.
Small and large, that we love Christmas with all the beautiful things that it brings, we welcome the gift of the visit of Him who with his little hands comes to put in our hearts, frozen and distracted, the seeds of hope.

The message of Bethlehem is a precise proposal, a challenging revelation for each of us.
The shepherds, the gospel tells us, saw and took that child seriously in that manger.
Are we celebrating Christian Christmas going to Bethlehem? Are we taking that child seriously?
That child of Bethlehem is that God who loves men to the point of being the son of a woman for us, because we, born of women, have to measure the space of this life, not according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit of God.
It is up to us to believe that what is great is for each of us
Letting ourselves be upset by Christmas means being able to be reborn and start again, with confidence, with determination, with a serene awareness of the commitment that this new birth asks of us.

The Habibi association – Beyond the wall, wishes everyone a merry Christmas