During our last visit to the parish of Gaza, together with our friends from Unitalsi, while we were in the rectory at 18:00 o’clock we found ourselves in the dark for a few minutes because the current had been disconnected. Abuna Mario (the Brazilian one) turned on the light of the phone and walked out to start a battery that would bring the light back into the house. And he began to tell us about the difficulties of our families due to this lack of electricity, especially during the evening when the darkness descends on Gaza and everything falls into total darkness. And he not only told us but also led us to see and touch the situation. Armed with a mobile phone, we walked along the city streets lit only by car headlights to visit two families. Arriving at Um George’s house, we started knocking and calling the poor widow who lives alone in a room of 30 square meters. Um George lived alone and ate a little pizza that night because he didn’t have the money to buy some bread! But despite all this he gave us a beautiful lesson in faith !!! We left him something and above all we promised him that we will do something to light up his long and painful nights.
Um George is not the only dramatic situation of a place forgotten by God and often forgotten even by men. We have seen and can no longer pretend that nothing is happening and that is why we need the help of many other sensitive and Christian friends: the idea is to illuminate the darkness of Gaza by giving a rechargeable battery to as many families as possible and to make them feel less alone at least a little of our brothers. We know that helping 50 families is nothing in the sea of ​​the problems of Gaza but we also know that that little help will give light, hope, strength and courage to someone to continue to resist in that field of slow extermination of a few square kilometers called Gaza!

“The mission to give light to the world is beautiful” – Pope Francis reminded us a few days ago. “The Christian – added Pope Francis – should be a luminous person who brings light, who always gives light! it is not his, but it is the gift of God, it is the gift of Jesus. And we bring this light. “How to be a Christian in another way? This is our mission: to bring light into darkness not only spiritually but also materially! !!

This “campaign” will do us good too, because when the Gazawis go ahead in heaven, since they have already lived through hell, our hope is that they will be able to say to St. Peter: “I know this … I he gave a little light … you can let him in !!!.
What is the idea
The idea is to have 50 poor Gaza families adopt 50 Italian parishes.

To whom the invitation is addressed
The invitation is addressed to our parish communities. To our most sensitive priests or to some person of good will who takes on the task of raising awareness in his own parish community!

Concretely what to do
From the spiritual point of view, adopting means first of all bringing in prayer and asking the Lord to support and give courage and strength to resist the family itself. Know their names to turn our Gaza brothers from ghosts into human beings and get them into the parish community. They will be one more family in the large family of the parish.

From the material point of view for this Lent we ask you to collect the necessary funds for the purchase of a Fulda (German) battery to be able to illuminate the darkness of Gaza nights and give a little light to those who live in the dark. A 220 amper / hour battery costs about 1,300 shekels to which about 650 shekels must be added for the inverter and the total becomes 2,000 shekels = 425 €.

For those wishing to do so, we also propose a further commitment to support the same family with a monthly contribution of at least € 100, bearing in mind that most fathers and mothers do not have a job that allows them to maintain their families with dignity. The families will be identified among those most in need by the parish priest of Gaza, abuna George Hernandez, assisted by the Vice Parish priest abuna Mario Da Silva.

Concretely how to do it
The HABIBI Association will take charge of the organization of the project and the management of adoptions, linking the families of Gaza with the various Italian parishes.
The money for the purchase of the batteries and for the monthly support will be collected in the current account of HABIBI that, through our president Abuna Mario Cornioli, will bring the funds, in full, to every single family!