“Abuna, it’s beautiful!”
These few words of Sister Malika (the kitchen manager) were enough, along with her smile, to fill my heart with joy and gratitude to the Lord for this new project that has finally come true.

After 10 years the old kitchen needed to be fixed and so we opted for a radical change. New Italian equipment and the choice fell on the OLIS company that took our situation to heart and not only treated us very well but also gave us the fridge we really needed and filled our children’s toy fridges !

Thank you, the Lord bless you!

It was not easy to arrive at the end of this adventure that began with the 2014 Christmas campaign by the HABIBI Association and ended today after seven months in the middle of summer but we are really happy because in the end the new kitchen is really beautiful and it also seems very functional .
Today we inaugurated it by cooking a good plate of Italian pasta with the guys from the Caserta Clan2. Then Jacqueline left, our cook, who cooked for the children and immediately confirmed the importance of this new purchase!
It only remains for me to thank all those who have contributed, through the HABIBI Association to this great little project of solidarity and direct contact with one of the most interesting realities in Bethlehem!
Abuna Mario Cornioli