Following the success of the “Rafedìn” project, the Habibi Valtiberina Association, now recognized in Jordan as a local NGO by the Ministry of Social Development, is ready to start a new job placement and vocational training project at the beginning of February for 100 beneficiaries between Iraqi refugees and unemployed Jordanian youth. The name of the project links the East, represented by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, with Italy, which will provide the know-how that has made it famous throughout the world, to support refugees, who want to invest in themselves for look for job opportunities that allow him, after so many sacrifices, to be realized.

The project therefore has as its main objective to provide professional knowledge and skills that help Iraqi refugees to have more possibilities in the labor market, regardless of the country in which they will reside, and also to support the beneficiaries and their families in the duration of the entire project (12 months) through a monthly reimbursement which will cover their basic expenses. Some laboratories such as cheese and wine have already started with an excellent result both in terms of product quality and in terms of work, so the “Orien-taly” project will implement existing laboratories and create new ones .

We are providing them technical training followed by an internship in the production of cheese, wine, beer, oil, fresh pasta, sauces and jams, ice cream and desserts, as well as the training of chefs, waiters and in the field of communication and marketing, through the support of local and Italian trainers. The places of intervention will be Jabal Amman but also to the neighbourghood Hashmi, the town of Anjara and Ader, in the south of Jordan. Italian artisans, accompanied by local experts, will supervise the start-up phases of the training courses and the use of the equipment and raw materials necessary for the internships. This will allow us to share Italian craftsmanship skills, adapt them to the specificities of the local context, and teach the use of highly specialized machinery that will enable the creation of high quality products.