The project of Mar Yousef Pizzeria, within the complex of the St. Joseph parish in Jabal Amman, was born with the aim to provide gastronomical training to Iraqi youth that fled from the ISIS persecution. With the contribution of the Franciscan monks of the Convent of Assisi and of the Italian Cooperation through the NGO “Un ponte per” (UPP), a small gathering space was built that allowed 14 asylum seekers to benefit from technical trainings to become professional waiters and chefs. The aim of these trainings, was to provide the participants with high quality skills that could be of benefit for their economic inclusion within their host community – whether in Jordan or other countries. Through this project, the beneficiary youth has been engaged in the production and sale of Italian pizza, fresh pasta, and Italian desserts using of Jordanian ingredients, as well as other products made in Jordan such as ricotta, pecorino, and jams. As of February 2019, The Project Mar Youssef
will be included in a wider one named “Orien-taly” which foresees the addition of other professional
figures, new beneficiaries, and other skills.