Dear friends,

The Christmas we are going to celebrate will be different from the usual: the peculiar situation that we have been living requires us to be careful and make sacrifices. However, we cannot let it make us despair or sad. We cannot let the joy of hope and the expectation of the coming of a Child, who is God, be taken away from us.

This period of Advent is not easy: we must give up so many things that would have helped us to live properly these days, even though no one can steal our freedom of heart. Personally, I planned to cross the Jordan river and go to Bethlehem to pray at the Cave and visit the children of the Hogar Niño Dios, but the border is not yet open; therefore, I will stay in Amman with our refugee sisters and brothers to wait for better times, without forgetting the little Sim Sim and the whole gang of Bethlehem.

This suspended time challenges us, this uncertain time makes us all more sensitive and less patient: this is the reason why we must find new ways and try to save the little kindness that still exists in this world.

Even in Jordan the situation is not easy. The pandemic has struck a country which has already been charged with many events such as the waves of millions of refugees welcomed in recent decades. Nevertheless, the desire to stand next to the needy is still alive in the heart of many people. In this period, thanks to your economic support, we have been able to help many families to not lose their jobs and, above all, to not lose hope. With your precious aid, we have had the chance to keep supporting all the projects thanks to which for several years our sisters and brothers have lived with dignity learning a job for their future.

On the occasion of this Christmas, the young women of the project Rafedìn – Iraqi girls decided to give us a very important sign of solidarity: they choose to donate some of their work in favour of the children in Bethlehem. Women, who are forced to make great sacrifices and are rebuilding their lives in the laboratory in Jabal Amman, teach us to be generous. In the end, it is the humble who will show us the way to Bethlehem and so from this laboratory we want to build a bridge to those in need like them.

For this reason, since Christmas is near, we launch the campaign RafedìnXBetlemme, a special initiative to not forget who are more needy than we are. This will help us to live this Christmas with the right spirit, without wasting such a special and precious time.

Thanks to your donation, together with us, you can support Hogar Niño Dios children in Bethlehem. As sign of gratitude, you will receive our wonderful masks for non-medical use sewn with love by Iraqi young women in favour of our children.


I take this opportunity to wish you all a Holy Christmas and a happy New Year, in hopes that it will be better than the past one!

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