Since the mid of March 2020, due to the first measures imposed by the Jordanian Government to face the spread of the pandemic virus Covid-19, Habibi Valtiberina Association decided to close all the activities in Jordan.

The main difficulties we are facing regards mostly ensuring the basic needs of our beneficiaries – vulnerable Jordanians and refugees. HAVA is implementing an emergency action plan trying to deal with these problems ensuring monthly cash reimbursement for the beneficiaries. We are constantly giving economic, psychological and emotional support to our beneficiaries. In particularly, we are using our net to inform our refugees on the new government dispositions and updates, as well as sharing good practice to prevent the contagious of the virus Covid-19.

In particular, our girls involved in the project Rafedìn are constantly in contact with part of our team, always available for any urgency and emergency. We have decided to start the production of masks for face protection with some of girls that have sewing machines at home that could be a way of resilience and rising awareness during this period.
With the project Our lady of Carmel school we arranged distance learning lessons in order to continue providing education to the children. With the help of Ms. Sana Bekki – the principal of the school – in collaboration with the information technology teachers already started on-line programs on Google Suite platform so it was easier to activate the courses during the curfew. In addition, awareness sessions about the covid-19 are given to students as well as mental support during this period of curfew.
The project Zahrat az-Sahra’, located in Ader (Karak) had the chance to start again after the reopening of the city and the Governorate of Karak (as well as other governorate in the south of Jordan).

Hoping everything will come to an end soon and our activities, with your support, can flourish again stronger than before with a new determination.

Thank you