As in other countries worldwide, the effects of Covid-19 are still largely crucial also in Jordan. Even though the rate of transmission of the virus was low by September, an increase of the cases occurred, thus several measures has been adopted to contain the spread. Among them, since October a new lockdown has been introduced on Friday and Saturday, then imposed only on Friday; furthermore, the Jordanian government have established a daily curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.. Obviously, all these new procedures have affected all our activities.

The girls of the Rafedìn – Iraqi Girls have almost completed the production of non-medical masks supported by UNICEF; meanwhile, the girls have attended a training focused on the manufacturing of winter jackets both for men and women. Currently, the creation of new items made with silk from Italy is on process, adopting the proper precautions anti Covid-19. Rafedin’s collection is getting enhanced!

The activities of the projects Mar Yousef’s Pizza e Mar Yousef’s Gelato have been affected by the governmental procedures against Covid too. In order to prevent the eventual inconveniences due to the curfew, we decided to anticipate the opening hours and keep the restaurant open also for lunch. Even in Mar Yousef we are getting ready for the winter: thanks to the great work of our guys, we managed to arrange a new indoor hall which will welcome our supporters and friends also in the coldest winter days.


As regards the projects based in Bethlehem, the activities of “Casa degli Angeli” at Hogar Niño Dios  have started again in September. The children do psychometric activities daily to improve their movement coordination; furthermore, they have been involved in the olive harvesting which offered them the chance to have a deep contact with the nature.


Last but not least, since October the staff of Habibi Amman welcomed two new interns, Ileana and Chiara becoming part of our family. We wish them an happy experience with us in Jordan!