The last conflicts that took place in the Middle Eat brought Jordan to witness one of the biggest migratory crisis, the Hashemite Kingdom became a crucial step for the refugees coming from the bordering countries. The numbers as for December 2019 – according to UNHCR data – stands at 744,795 persons of concern, among them approximately 67,000 are Iraqis who started to come to the country at the beginning in 2003 right after last Gulf War and subsequently between 2014 and 2017 when the conflict against ISIS affected people whose lives and livelihoods were uprooted and destroyed. 

The ORIEN-TALY project, born in February 2019 with the help and contribution of the Italian Bishop Conference (CEI), tries to deal with this problem through the creation of different craft workshops. The idea is to give the possibility to 100 beneficiaries between Iraqi and Jordanian refugees in conditions of vulnerability to be able to learn a job and have the skills needed for their future; at the same time it improves their livelihoods through a monthly reimbursement which will cover their basic expenses.

Through the training programs in culinary field, a group of Iraqi women have the chance to learn the ancient technics for the creation of Italian fresh pasta, such as ravioli and tagliatelle, and for the production of sauces and jams. Moreover, IT and communication trainings were attended by a group of Iraqi youths that could deepen their knowledge in graphics and design, marketing, photo, video and editing. The Italian experts, accompanied by local experts, will supervise the start-up phase of the training courses and the use of the equipment and raw materials needed. This will give it the chance to take a cue from Italian craftsmanship skills, adapt them to the specifics of the local context. 


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March 24, 2020