Your signature will help us build the future of women and children in

Middle East

TAX CODE: 91009220517

For 10 years, we have been supporting the most vulnerable groups in Jordan and the Palestinian Territories: we help hundred of

Iraqi families and youth who have fled Isis persecution, we support children and youth with disabilities, we support vulnerable women in Jordan.

Your signature will help us build their future, leaving no one behind.

Destinare il 5×1000 ad Habibi è facilissimo e non comporta costi.

Just indicate Tax Code 91009220517 in your tax return and check the box “volunteer work” and affix your signature. Without your signature, the 5×1000 contribution is not donated and the amount remains with the state. The 5×1000 allocation does not replace the 8×1000! The option to donate 5 per thousand of one’s income tax is one more option given to the taxpayer and does not replace or represent an alternative to choosing 8 per thousand.

The 5×1000 is a tax measure introduced by the Italian state to help entities that carry out socially useful activities. It is the possibility to allocate 5×1000 of the Irpef already paid, (i.e., 0.5 percent of personal income taxes) as a solidarity contribution to a nonprofit organization.