Solidarity. United, in actions and ideas, we work across borders to build a more just world, to empower those who do not have rights to exercise their rights.

Welcoming. We welcome those who are most vulnerable, those who are unable to exercise their rights, those who have fled war and persecution. We offer them spaces to be and grow together, training and tools to help change their lives and hope for a better future.

Trust. We believe in the diversity and potential of each human being, give people confidence, develop their potential so that they can actively contribute to building their own future. We protect the trust of our beneficiaries and donors by making a daily commitment to transparent and fair management of our projects.

Hope. We do not give up in the face of injustice, but are passionate about standing by the most disadvantaged and growing a culture of encounter and inclusive societies for all.


We believe in a just and sustainable world in which every person can exercise his or her rights, develop his or her potential, and have the means to build a more equitable future for himself or herself and the community where he or she lives.


Habibi stands by the most disadvantaged populations, supporting them to achieve decent livelihoods and promoting human rights for sustainable development. Habibi pursues the values of social justice and integration, enforcement of human rights especially for the most disadvantaged groups living in poverty or affected by conflict. In particular, Habibi works with refugees and the most vulnerable people within host communities, with special attention given to the needs of women, children, and people with disabilities, with the goal of supporting them in achieving social and economic integration.

Our Mission