Agri-food supply chain

Agribusiness constitutes a well-established area of production, training and job placement in Habibi’s activities. It was born in 2017 with the first professional courses of the Mar Yousef Pizza project and has since become structured and enriched with new interconnected and largely consecutive activicties. The current challenge is one of self-sustainability. From milk production, to dairy processing, to the use of raw materials in catering, the supply chain has gradually been structured over the years.

Artisanal supply chain

Habibi’s handicraft chain was born and developed within Atelier Rafedín, which houses Iraqi refugee girls who escaped ISIS and teaches them the art of tailoring. Rafedín, in Syro-Aramaic “between the two rivers,” denotes the land between the Tigris and Euphrates, what was once rich Mesopotamia, the cradle of the earliest civilizations in history. Da un’intuizione iniziale nel 2016, unita alla professionalità e la passione dei due sarti che hanno affiancato Abuna Mario in questa attività, oltre A hundred girls have taken our classes and left, most of them for Australia, with their certificate of acquired skills, ready to start again.

The quality of workmanship and the fabrics,produced in Palestine, Egypt and Italy, characterize Rafedín’s production, depicting typical elements of Jordan: a view of houses in Amman, the archaeological sites of Petra, the mosaics of the Mar Yousef structure where the tailor’s premises are located, and the typical zig-zag of the Arab keffiyeh.