Habibi is a democratic organization with an assembly body.

The following are active organs of the association: the Members’ Assembly, the Board of Directors, the President, and the Controlling Body.

The Habibi Association is characterized by the democratic nature of its structure and the electivity and gratuitousness of membership offices. It is open to all those who, interested in the realization of the institutional purposes, share its spirit and ideals, according to non-discriminatory criteria, consistent with the purposes pursued and the activities of general interest carried out. Members of the Association are those individuals who participated in the making of its articles of incorporation and those individuals who are eligible to participate in it.

The Member’s Assembly

It is composed of all members and is the sovereign body that directs all the life of the Association. It meets at least once a year, is held and deliberates in a collegial and democratic method. Approves the Association’s budgets, establishes the articles of incorporation, bylaws, and internal regulations, appoints and dismisses other bodies, and assigns their responsibilities.

The Board of Directors

It is the governing body of the Association, consisting of a minimum of five to a maximum of fifteen members. Convened at least twice a year, deliberates by majority vote. Board members serve three-year terms, are eligible for re-election and receive no remuneration. The current members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Mario Cornioli – President
  • Marco Gambuli – Vice President
  • Francesco Del Siena – Secretary
  • Elisa Boncompagni
  • Monica Moscioni
  • Paola Dutch

The President

The President is elected by the Assembly by a majority vote, is the legal representative of the Association and Chairman of the Members’ Meeting and the Board of Directors. Serves a three-year term and receives no remuneration.

The Controlling Body

It consists of a Board of Controllers composed of three Regular Controllers who serve three fiscal years, are eligible for re-election and receive no remuneration.The current Controllers are:

  • Dr. Polverini Fabiola – President
  • Dr. Moscioni Pierluigi
  • Dr. Garbini Fabio