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Back from Aleppo

07/03/2023 | 0 Comments

At the end of February we went to Aleppo to deliver all the donations received to our local contacts. The situation we have found is truly dramatic: entire Christian and Muslim families live in enormous difficulty, forced to find refuge in the premises of schools and centers that have opened their doors to everyone.

Aleppo is cold and electricity only comes for two hours a day. To make life more complicated also the lack of diesel and petrol. Many people, already exhausted by years of war, are losing hope and now want to leave the country.

The warm generosity of Habibi’s supporters made it possible to light a small flame of light in the darkness of Aleppo. Heartfelt thanks to all who donated! We have delivered $45,125 to our partners to support displaced families in Aleppo, Lattakia and Knayeh (where 80% of homes have been razed to the ground), to help the Saint Louis hospital which treats the poorest and the center pastoral care of Midan that welcomes young and old.

Our solidarity, along with our prayer, brought some relief to our brothers and sisters frightened by the earthquake and exhausted by the long war and sanctions. These are the causes that push people to leave their land and their homes, seeking refuge in Europe. For this reason we are increasingly convinced that it is necessary to act urgently to build peace and dialogue, stop wars and sanctions, if we really want to avoid further massacres, such as the one that recently occurred in Crotone. And for this reason Habibi’s commitment will continue in the coming weeks, both in Aleppo and in Jordan and Palestine, where we have been working for ten years to help bring about rights, development, peace and solidarity.

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