Ongoing Projects

Rafedin Iraqi Girls

The Rafedìn project was born in March 2016 with the aim of helping Iraqi women and their families who have fled ISIS and who have sought refuge in Amman. The intent of the project is to provide professional training to Iraqi women thanks to some seamstresses and fashion designers from Italy who taught the girls […]

Mar Yousef’s pizza

The Mar Yousef’s pizza project was born in October 2017, within the complex of the parish church of Saint Joseph in Amman, to provide training in the culinary field to young Iraqi refugees who fled the persecution of ISIS. Thanks to the initial contribution of the Franciscan Friars of the Sacred Convent of Assisi, to […]


The last conflicts that took place in the Middle Eat brought Jordan to witness one of the biggest migratory crisis, the Hashemite Kingdom became a crucial step for the refugees coming from the bordering countries. The numbers as for December 2019 – according to UNHCR data – stands at 744,795 persons of concern, among them […]

La casa dei bambini

In a context already characterized by perpetual endemic violence and tensions, the disabled children affected by malformations are often abandoned by their families. Many families do not know how to provide for the needs of a disabled family member. As a result of the economic challenges faced by families, or their physical and emotional incapability […]

Zahrat as-Sahra’ – Il fiore del deserto

Jordan has one of the lowest rates of women’s economic participation in the world, with less than one fifth of women engaged in the workforce (USAID, 2019). A large proportion of women living in Jordan are ultimately left out of the labor market and most of these women (57%) are actively seeking employment opportunities (AICS, […]